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dean is my hero


August 16th, 2007

my picture...

i can't remember who i got this icon from, but thank you!

it's hot!!  and  it's my sn!!

June 11th, 2007


That is exactly what we did.

Totally got Jensen's autograph as well as a "few" pictures of him.

None with him. WAY TOO many fans, and it was between shows, and they probably didn't want to stand outside forever because it was for real hot. Even Jensen was busting jokes on Texas weather. Guess he forgot what it was like here.

I saw him, we spoke, and if you want to get real stalkerazie, I touched his hand. I could die happy.

June 8th, 2007


So last night was the big night. The play was awesome! I really mean that, it was very well performed.  For the longest time, I did not realize that I was actually at a play...I thought I was watching it on TV, then it hit me: THAT'S JENSEN ACKLES AND THAT'S LOU DIAMOND PHILLIPS!!!! ::NO WORDS:: 

Our seats were good...particularlly becuase Mr. Ackles had his back side to us a lot. Shameless I know, but eh... 

I did not get to meet Jensen, but to say that he was about four feet away from me with only a glass window separating us would be correct. (That was after the play, after we had to go outside.) Same for Lou, but I did actually get to meet him and get his autograph and get a picture with him. Nice guy. Real humble and casual...cracking jokes and everything. Now I know you're asking, "Why didn't Jensen meet and greet? (especially since he did on Tuesday and Wednesday)" Well his family wanted him to come home that night, so... Bummer, I know.  At least I didn't have to go far.  It was just an hour away for me.

So, my favorite thing was seeing Jensen do "Jensen" things.  You know...his personality shining through.
*The ever hot face palm
*The well loved facial expressions
*The oh so sexy Texas accent (esp. when he called Jessup a SOB and ran it alltogether like sexy Texas boys do)

I didn't even mind him dropping the F-bombs.  He can.

and it sure didn't hurt that the character that Jensen spent the most time with's name was Sam.  (He said Jo a lot, too, but eh...)

and he even drank coffee (w/o the lid), and his character had a fear of flying.  Now those were apart of the script, but being a SN lover, I couldn't help but notice.  ;)

And don't get me started on how the play ends with Kaffee singing...hmmmmm.

March 22nd, 2007


I don't understand why so many people make pictures, icons, etc that make Jared and Jensen seem to be homosexual lovers.

Does that turn you on?

It grosses me out.

March 20th, 2007


i am new to livejournal, and i really want my site to be

                supernaturally HOT like everyone elses that i've been looking at.

how in the heck do i do it?

    do i pay?

how do you make icons?
          when is it okay to use other peoples?

somebody HELP me.  please.

March 19th, 2007

my livejournal

my live journal is about my obsession.

prepare to experience nothing but my thoughts and opinions...

     ...sometimes clean...

sometimes dirty...

               ...on EVERYTHING SUPERNATURAL!!!!

that means...



              ...and jeffrey dean morgan.
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